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Comparative Government, International Relations, and Political Theory: Home

Table of Contents

General Reference
--Political Science Terms/Concepts
--Biographical Sources
--Country Guides and Handbooks
--Research Methods

Political Theory/Thought
--Reference sources
--Recommended databases

Comparative Government
--Political systems and concepts
--Human Rights
--Comparative Elections
--Databases (articles, essays, chapters, monographs, reports)
--Data Portals
--International Social Surveys and Opinion Polls

International Relations
--General Reference Sources for International Relations
--Databases (articles, essays, chapters, monographs, reports)
--Conflict & Security Data and Country Overviews
--IGOs and NGOs
--Treaties and International Agreements

--Subject Databases (For articles, essays. book chapters etc.)
--News Sources (Covering major news sources in the US and Worldwide)


Subject Guide

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Lynn Thitchener
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