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Finding Funding: Home

A brief overview of federal, state and foundation grant funding sources. Useful for anyone at Cornell, including Cooperative Extension staff.

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There are three main places to look for grant funding outside of Cornell: the US government, state government, and private foundations and corporations.  While there are many resources out there for finding this funding, this guide points you to the major tool for each funding source.  Federal; NYS grants=New York State Grants Gateway; and foundations=Foundations Directory.  Note that more and more recently, the Foundation Directory is indexing federal grants.  In addition, GrantForward indexes both federal and private/corporate funding sources.

In addition to those 4 traditional sources of funding, you may be interested in exploring the possibilities for crowd funding.

Here are a few  broader overviews of funding resources available online and in print:

Other Tips for Finding Funding

  • Scan the acknowledgement sections of journal articles, presentations or monographs in your field.
  • Your field most likely has a professional society--sign up for their newsletter.  These newsletters often include funding opportunity information.

International Funding

For non-US grant seekers, and for those looking for grant funders outside the US, these resources may be helpful.  Note--the Foundation Directory does include international funders, but not comprehensively.

Cornell Graduate Students

The Cornell Graduate School maintains a database of over 700 fellowships and other forms of research support.

New York State

New York State Grants Gateway

Provides one-stop shopping for anyone interested in locating grant funding opportunities with State agencies.

  • Browse a list of funding opportunities
  • Search for info about a particular funding opportunity 
  • Register for automatic notifications of upcoming funding opportunities.

Ebooks on Crowd Funding

Private Foundations and Corporations (plus Federal)

The Foundation Center Directory Online Professional contains information about the largest public and private foundations in the U.S. and links to foundation web sites. This edition includes full text access from more than 250,000 IRS 990 forms, 80,000 detailed funder profiles, half a million recently awarded grants, RFPs, key staff affiliations, publications, news and job postings.  Free to CCE through Mann Library services.

Foundation Directory Tutorial Webinar Recording:  2012 Webinar Recording:  learn how to use the FOundation Directory to find Grant Makers and Grants for your CCE programs.

Grant Forward

Grant Forward:  has a mix of funding sources:  state, federal, foundation, academic, and more.  Cornell subscribes to this, and you can create a free institutional account that allows you to set up a personal profile and save searches, which you can't do in Foundation Directory.  There are QuickTips, CaseStudies, and a Researcher Welcome Guide.

Cornell's Office of Sponsored Programs has created a Cornell-specific guide to Grant Forward:


Federal Government

Guide to funding from various U.S. government agencies, including

  • NEH
  • Institute of Peace
  • NASA
  • Department of Education
  • National Science Foundation

Crowd Funding Websites

Well known crowd funding sites include GoFundMeKivaKickstarterIndiegogo, and RocketHub, but there are hundreds of other sites as well.