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COML 1119: A Taste of Russian Literature (Fall 2018): Find

A library research guide for students in Prof. Krivitsky's Comparative Literature 1119 class.

Periodical Articles and Databases

The Articles & Full Text feature on the main Library web page allows you to perform simple searches across multiple databases. Because the various databases are structured differently, search results may vary widely. For more precise searching, it's best to search the databases individually. Clicking on the Databases link will display a listing by subject area. The selected resources listed below and to the right may be especially relevant to the content of this course.

Databases for Russian Culture and History

Databases for Literature

Databases for Art

Don't pay for stuff!

Never pay for an article or book or access to resources.

In most cases (except for textbooks), the Cornell Library has online journals, newspapers, magazines, ebooks and print books, or can get them for you at no charge to you! 

Passkey can help you find it at Cornell, or Ask a Librarian.

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