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News Formats: Paper

News content is available in at least eight formats. This is a guide to those formats with pros and cons and examples for each one.


Format: Newsprint.
Examples: Many hundreds--perhaps thousands--of newspapers in the library; most are unindexed. Some represented by only one issue. Mostly retained for only the current six months, current year, or until microfilm arrives. Exception: Southeast Asian newspapers in the Echols Collection.
Content: Very broad representation of geography and languages. Complete content. Original layout. Color graphics in recent years.
Pros: Original content and format; diversity.
Cons: Often not indexed anywhere; not entirely current and rarely historically complete; localized physical access (not networked)
Access rating: Overall, fair, except recent issues.
Preservation rating: Very poor. Very hard to preserve--bulky, poor quality paper; most titles are recycled after a specified time period, usually months. Exception: paper with rag content--usually 19th to early 20th century or before. Older newspapers are becoming artifacts rather than a primary means for content delivery.
Notes: For printed indexes of major papers see International Newspaper Indexes in Olin Library and U.S. Newspaper Indexes in Olin Library.

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