PADM 5900: Consulting for Government and Nonprofit Organizations (Fall 2018)

Just need a few articles?

If you just need to do a quick search for a few articles in most of the databases* Cornell has access to, try the Articles & Full Text link under the main search box. See the tutorial!

articles and full text search from main website

*Databases are collections of articles (or other materials), either general or subject-specific, which often include material not freely available on the open Web and give you additional tools for more comprehensive or precise searching.

Using Web of Science

Need to find highly cited scholarly articles on nearly any topic? Try searching Web of Science, an important and useful multidisciplinary scholarly database. See the tutorial!

Web of Science

Not Sure Which Database To Use?

The best way to do a comprehensive search for scholarly articles in your area is to find a database in that subject. Try the ones listed here. If you're not sure where to start to find a database that covers your subject area or the type of information you need:


Other Potentially Useful Databases

For a sociological or general business perspective try these databases in other subject areas that relate:

Passkey for Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Do you access journals off-campus? Try the Passkey bookmarklet and avoid having to go through the library online catalog.

How to Access Library Resources (Passkey)


Off-campus? Log in once with this browser bookmarklet that connects you to all the Library's databases and journals with a single Cornell log-in.

Useful Databases

For your team's projects, try these databases:

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