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Sociology 2250: Schooling and Society: Subject

Value of encyclopedias

Encyclopedias are great for:

  •  locating authoritative, high quality information

  •  choosing a topic

  •  educating yourself quickly

  •  gaining background information easily (major ideas, theories, events, people)

  •  identifying variant spellings, vocabulary, terminology

  •  finding a bibliography (list of selected, important  references for further reading)


Online encyclopedia collection

Sage Reference Online
A searchable database of hundreds of reference books covering the social sciences including such areas as education economics, gender, race, history, politics, psychology, research methods, social policy, sociology and urban studies.

Includes over a dozen encyclopedias pertaining to education, including

Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

Sociology of Education.

Encyclopedias on education & sociology

Sociology encyclopedias

Education Encyclopedias

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