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Current Topics: Selected Information Sources: Current

Help finding quick, reliable, current information including news digests that synthesize content from disparate sources. Click on the TABS to access each section of this guide.

Current Events: Weeklies.

Congressional Digest. Washington: Congressional Digest, 1921 to date.
(Online in EBSCO).
(Also available in print at the Law Library, KF 4935 .A15 C74. Back print issues, Olin Stacks Oversize ++ JK 1 .C655)
A monthly pro-con source that features opinion essays on both sides of current issues before Congress written by Representatives and Senators (or, more likely, their staffs). Excellent summary and background essays introduce each topic. Indexed in ProQuest Research Library; use Advanced Search and select Publication title from the drop-down menu to restrict your search to this title.
CQ Magazine [formerly CQ Weekly]. Washington: Congressional Quarterly.
(Online version: 1983 to date. Print version: 1946 - 27 April 2009
CQ Magazine provides nonpartisan coverage of the U.S. Congress: congressional legislation, commission reports, presidential talks and appointments, and even information about birth dates, religious affiliation and occupation of senators and representatives. One of the best and most current of all publications dealing with government action. Covers Congress in depth, but also includes information on the executive and judicial branches of government.

National Journal. [formerly National Journal Group's Policy Central]. 1969 to date.
(Online. Print version ceased 28 March 28 2015: Olin Stacks + JK 1 .N27)
Daily updates and reviews of actions and events throughout the Federal Government, including the White House, Federal departments and agencies, Congress, and the Courts. Includes National Journal Almanac [aka Almanac of American Politics, 1998 to date, Olin JK 1010 .B26, latest year at the reference desk]; National Journal Daily; and National Journal Hotline.

Regional Services

Loose-leaf or online services that track recent news in the geographical area covered.

Africa Research Bulletin: Economic, Financial, and Technical Series. Oxford, England: Blackwell.
(Online, 1997 to date.  Print: 1964 - 2006 [Olin Stacks Oversize + DT 1 .A2364])

Africa News Bulletin: Political, Social, and Cultural Series. Oxford, England: Blackwell.
(Online, 1997 to date.  Print: 1964 - 2006 [Olin Stacks Oversize + DT 1 .A2365])

African Chronicle: A Fortnightly Record on Governance, Economy, Development, Human Rights, and Environment. New Delhi: C.P. Chacko/Asian News Chroniclers, 2000 to date.
(African Chronicle: Africana Library Reference DT 1 .A2281. Previous title, African Recorder: Olin Stacks Oversize + DT 1 .A2513 [1962 - 1995, incomplete])

Asian News Digest: A Weekly Record on Governance, Economy, Development, Human Rights, and Environment. New Delhi: C P Chacko, 1955 to date.
(Kroch Asia Stacks DS 1 .A7671; latest 2 volumes shelved in the Severinghaus Reading Room)

Current Digest of the Chinese Press. Minneapolis: East View Press, 2012 to date.
(Online only)
Weekly. A "digestible" collection of Chinese press materials in English.

Euro|topics. [Berlin]: Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung), 2005 to date.
(Online only)
A European press review with English, German, and French summaries for 28 European countries. Text is the translated lead paragraph of articles from newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Some entries link to the full text online in original language and some only to the source site. [Beirut]:, 2005 to date.
(Online only)
A daily selection of articles from news sources (print, radio and television media) and newsletters appearing in 22 Arab countries, Iran and the Arab Diaspora. English translations from Arabic and Farsi. Added links to current source home page when available.

Special Topics

Full-text online searchable collections of publications covering news and opinion for the area covered: alternative press publications, ethnic publications, gender-related publications. Starting dates for the individual titles covered varies.

Alt-PressWatch. 1970 to date.
(Online only)
Full-text database of selected newspapers, magazines, and journals of the alternative and independent press. Basic or advanced subject searching takes you to in-depth articles on contemporary society, including coverage of the peace movement, ecology and the environment, labor, indigenous peoples, public policy, and grassroots organizing. This coverage of diverse points of view and perspectives complements the reporting in the mainstream press.
Ethnic News Watch. 1959 to date.
(Online only)
Full-text articles from ethnic and minority press in America. In English and Spanish.
GenderWatch. 1970 to date.
(Online only)
Full-text database of publications that focus on gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas. Coverage of subjects central to women's lives, including family, childbirth, birth control, daycare, domestic abuse, work and the workplace, sexual harassment, aging, aging parents, body image, eating disorders and social and societal roles.

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