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NTRES 4300: Environmental Policy Processes: Federal

A library research guide for students in Natural Resources 4300.

Government Directories

Almanac of the Unelected. Lanham, MD: Bernan Press, c1988- . Annual. Olin Reference JK1083 A44 [latest volume is 2013; no longer published; 2013 edition searchable in Google Books]
Contains background information on key staff members of the committees and subcommittees of the Congress. The file includes professional backgrounds, areas of expertise, and educational backgrounds of each staffer.

Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations. Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1973- . Olin Reference JK468 C7 E56+ [latest volume]
"A reference guide to over 7,760 permanent, continuing, and ad hoc U.S. Presidential advisory committees, Congressional advisory committees, public advisory committees, interagency committees, and other government-related boards, panels, task forces, commissions, conferences, and other similar bodies serving in a consultative, coordinating, advisory, research, or investigative capacity."

Federal Regulatory Directory. [Washington] Congressional Quarterly Inc. latest print vol. in Olin Reference JK610 F29
Includes "profiles of more than 100 federal agencies and departments [that] detail the history, structure, purpose, actions, and key contacts for every regulatory agency in the U.S. government." (publisher)

Leadership Library
A database of web-based directories with in-depth organization profiles and verified contact information from companies, government agencies, Congressional offices, law firms, news media outlets, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits. Includes several former CQ directories. See box on the right for directions on finding Congressional staff ========>

Washington Information Directory. 1975/76 - . annual. latest print vol. in Olin Reference F 192.3 W32
A non-official guide to the agencies of the Executive Branch, Congress, the Judiciary, as well as to private or "non-governmental" organizations. Gives name, address and phone number of the organization, followed by a brief description of the work performed there.

Washington Representatives. Washington, D.C. : Columbia Books, 2014. Olin Reference JK 1118 W31+
"A compilation of Washington representatives of the major national associations, labor unions, governments, U.S. and foreign companies, registered foreign agents, lobbyists, lawyers, law firms, and special interest groups, together with their clients and areas of legislative and regulatory concern."

Finding Congressional Staff

The most current contact information for Congressional staffers reporting to individual legislators may be found online in Leadership Library. To use the latter effectively, click on the Explore Organizations link and choose Classic Browse from the pulldown menu.  Click on the Congressional link, then choose either Senators and Staffs or Representatives and Staffs. This will produce an alphabetical list of legislators. Clicking on the plus sign to the left of an individual legislator's name and then on the Key Staff Aides link will display contact information for that legislator's staff, both in D.C. and in district offices.

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