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Books & Bytes: Librarians as Information Managers: Instruction

This guide is for those interested in librarianship as a career.


Use clickers to make lectures more interactive. Students are able to anonymously give their answers to questions and give feedback on


My job involves teaching classes to students to help them locate information for their class assignments. I prepare library guides with detailed instructions to assist them. We help students and faculty use new technologies, such as reference management software and RSS feeds. We make office calls to faculty and staff in their campus offices.

Database A-Z List

Patent Searching

Library Guides for various classes

Engineering LIbrary webpage

Clicker Questions

If you have 30 spare minutes, where do you prefer to be, a library or bookstore?

A. Library

B. Bookstore

C. neither


Does being in a library or bookstore make you

A. sleepy

B. bored - want to leave

C. interested - want to stay


Do you prefer working with people or by yourself?

A. People

B. By myself


Do you enjoy learning the latest computer technologies (blogs, wikis, ipods, facebook, instant messaging, email)

A. yes

B. no

Do you enjoy using computer technology or creating the technology (such as software programming)?

A. using

B. creating



Web Accessibility Assistance