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German Studies: A Research Guide: Periodical

A research guide focussed on German-language resources, print and online, available from the Cornell University Library.

Periodical Indexes

Articles & Full Text, aka Summon.
A very large, searchable database of online articles, books, and book chapters. Search German words to find German-language results, or limit the Language to Deutsch in the left column on the search results page.
Handbuch deutschsprachiger Literaturzeitschriften. Duisburg : AutorenVerlag Matern, 2001. (Uris Stacks Z 2235 .P43 H36z 2001)
Registry of more than 450 contemporary journals, print and electronic.
Index deutschsprachiger Zeitschriften 1750-1815. [microform]. Hildesheim: G. Olms, 1990. (Olin Reference AI 9 .I38)
Indexes nearly 200 late 18th and early 19th century German periodicals. Contains separate indexes for author, subject keyword, subject name, geographical subject, and illustration, as well as book reviews.<
Index zu deutschen Zeitschriften der Jahre 1773-1830. Nendeln: KTO Press, 1979. (Olin Reference AI 9 .H68)
Abteilung I., Zeitschriften der Berliner Spätaufklärung, indexes 14 journals published during the late years of the "Berlin Enlightment." Band 1 is an issue-by-issue listing of contents, Bd. 2 is an index of names and titles with recurrent phrases, and Bd. 3 is a keyword index.
Internationale Bibliographie der geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitschriftenliteratur: IBZ. Osnabr\Ück: Zeller Verlag, 1983- .
(Online version)
The IBZ is an international, interdisciplinary index of periodical literature covering basic research from all fields of knowledge, with particular emphasis on the humanities, arts and social sciences. Indexes a significant proportion of the periodicals published on the European continent. Multilingual, with English and German interfaces. The online edition is updated monthly; the print (see below) is updated twice annually.
Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriftenliteratur aus allen Gebieten des Wissens / Bibliographie der deutschen zeitschriftenliteratur mit Einschluss von Sammelwerken . Osnabruck, Germany: F. Dietrich, [1896] - 2010.
(Indexes for 1896-1964 shelved at Olin Reference AI 9 .B581; entry volumes shelved in Olin Stacks; volumes for 1965 - 2010 at Olin Stacks AI 9 .I61 +. Print subscription cancelled with 2010. Online only from 2011 to date.
Print version of the IBZ, which actually began publication in 1897 under the title Bibliographie der deutschen Zeitschriftenliteratur. With the exception of about 3 years at the end of World War II (when its bombed publishing plant was being rebuilt) it has continued to the present day.
Inhaltsanalytische Bibliographien deutscher Kulturzeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts (IBDK). Munich, New Providence: Saur, 1995-1996. (Olin Stacks Oversize Z 2233 .E8156x 1995+).
The periodicals discussed in this set are on microfiche and are to be found in the library catalog under Deutsche Kulturzeitschriften des 19. Jahrhunderts, rather than by individual title.
Retrospektive Digitalisierung wissenschaftlicher Rezensionsorgane und Literaturzeitschriften des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts aus dem deutschen Sprachraum
More than forty Enlightenment-era periodicals.
Zeitungs-Index. Pullach bei Munchen, Verlag Dokumentation. 1.- Jahrg.; Jan./März 1974- . (Library Annex. See catalog record for holdings.)
Index of articles from German newspapers.

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