Should I register to vote in New York or in my home state?

I'm a student, and my address in Ithaca is only temporary. Do I vote here, or at my permanent address?

This is a personal choice. You might choose based on which electoral contests are most important to you, where you think your vote will have the most impact, the place you most strongly identify with, or other factors. However, you may only vote in ONE place.

Don't delay! Different states have different deadlines!

Voting in your home state by absentee ballot:

  1. First, get registered! Go to vote411, or, to find specific directions for each state.
  2. Next, request an absentee ballot. Go to, How Where & When to Vote.
  3. Mail your absentee ballot.
  4. Important! Make sure you follow your state’s deadlines for requesting and returning your absentee ballot. See your state’s absentee voting deadlines -- -- and note the dates for when your ballot must be postmarked or received.  It’s an important distinction.  

Voting in New York:

  1.  Fill in the online registration form: Register to vote in New York.
  2.  Print and mail the form before the deadlines listed below.

Once you are registered, you will receive a postcard with your polling place! You can also check Vote411. Simply type in your address and you will see your Congressional district, NYstate Assembly and Senate districts, and your polling place.

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There are a number of excellent online resources to help you keep up-to-date on who's running in your area as well as the logistics of voting locally or by absentee ballot.

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