Strategies for Finding Translations

  • CAS Source Index - search by title or abbreviations
  • Google Translate - use this or another program to translate the document. Or translate the title, then search in database to see if article has been reprinted in another journal.
  • Dates - Articles may not have been translated until decades later. So an article published in 1950 may not have been translated until 1970.
  • Transliterations - look under all variation of the title. Doklady Akademiia Nauk SSSR may be Akademiia Nauk SSSR Doklady in another. For Chinese transliteration use both the Wade-Giles and the Pinyin system. That means for Acta Zoologica Sinica, search under both Tung Wu Hsueh Pao and under Dongwu Xuebao.
  • Some of these tools are online, but most are in print.

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Top Databases / Indices

Resources will be listed in order by format. Many are not online and will need to be consulted in the library.

Journal Articles


Technical Reports

Online Databases