How to search for articles

The Steps:

  1. Find a database by browsing the list here or from the Databases link on the library homepage.
  2.  Click on the link to get into the database
  3. Search the database for articles

Interlibrary Loan

If the library doesn't have the journal that contains an article you are looking for, or if the library only owns the print journal, you can request a scan of the article via Interlibrary Loan. Check if we have the article by clicking the "Get it! Cornell" link. If you don't find the article, you can ask for assistance (sometimes the journal will be here, in hardcopy!), or submit a request.

1st "Get it! Cornell" example:

Article entry

2nd "Get it! Cornell" example:

message when the resource was not found




If the library doesn't have a title you're looking for, or we have it but another patron has borrowed it (it's "checked out'), you can use BorrowDirect to request it from another library in the BorrowDirect system.

Look for the Request item button in library catalog records.



Library Catalog Searching - Subject Headings