The library catalog finds books, journals,maps, newspapers, films, sound recordings, primary source collections and more.

  • Begin your search by connecting keywords and phrases
  • Use the filters to Limit Your Search, by language, date published, era, etc.
  • Improve your search results by following subject heading links.

Note: The library catalogs does not index the articles published in journals. To find articles, see: Databases.

Combine keywords and phrases

From the library homepage, enter a few keywords from your question and use the drop-down menu to select catalog.

Library homepage

Library Catalog Advanced Search

The library catalog, advanced search provides a way to include alternate terms [any] along with other options for focusing your search.

  • From the library catalog, select the Advanced Search
  • Combine keywords and phrases
  • Use the pull-down menu to search [all] of the words, [any] of the words, or words as a [phrase].

Note: Sometimes it's not clear why some titles appear in your results. Check the description or table-of-contents!

Sample search:

war conflict aggression [any]

catalog advanced search example