Finding Books on the Olin Shelves

This Research Minute covers how to find books and bound journals shelved in Olin Library.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to research minutes, 90 seconds of research tips for you, the busy student from us, the librarians.

In this research minute, we are looking at how to find books and journals shelved in Olin Library. In the Cornell libraries, we use the Library of Congress classification system, which begins with letters, to shelve our books and journals.

To find the call numbers for the book or journal you want, search our library catalog and write down the full call number including the plus signs if any.  Our catalog has a unique call number for locating each item. A call number that begins with GN is shelved on the 4th floor in Olin Library. Call number guides are available at the reference desk and by the elevators. When the call number includes one or two plus signs, the pluses indicate that the item is shelved in the single or double oversized section on the floor. So call numbers starting with GN could be in any one of the three different size sections on the fourth floor. Each section has color-coded shelf signs: green for double oversized, pink for oversized, and white for regular size.

On each stack level, there is a detailed map posted near the computers just inside the floor entrance showing the sections and the call number locations. To save time make sure you are looking in the correct size section. If you don't find what you're looking for in the stacks, stop by the reference desk. We’ll help you get what you need.

 For more help contact us: email, chat, phone, or stop by the reference desk. We're here for you. This research minute is brought to you by Cornell University Library.