Getting Started

What are middle market firms?

They are larger than small businesses but smaller than an Amazon and a Google. They employ anywhere from 100 to 2,000 employees and are estimated to earn between 10 and 500 million each year. These firms can be great places to work and often work alongside larger companies. 

How do you find them?

Middle market firms often lack the name recognition of larger companies making them challenging to research. This guide will give you strategies to find middle market firms in your industry or geographic area.

Step one: Identifying companies in this space using revenue or number of employees.

Step two: Research those companies.

Step three: Network & Interview. Contact your career advisors for guidance.

Step 1: Creating a List

Start by identifying a list of middle market firms operating in your chosen industry or location. There are a few library databases available to do this search, however Capital IQ provides the most comprehensive search options. One of the challenges of creating a list is whether the company is public or private. Public companies can be searched based on their annual revenue, while private companies' revenue is an estimate. Searching my the number of employees is the better option for privately held firms.

Steps Two & Three: Research Companies & Industries

Once you've identified a list of companies that interest you, prepare for networking or interviews by finding out more about the company and it's industry.

Industry Research


Fill the gap between the analyst reports and the most recent events in your company and industry. The databases below are aggregators that pull together publications from numerous reputable sources for you to search in one place.

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Salary Data

The Management Library provides access to ERI Salary Assessor. ERI is a database of salary information searchable by job title, number of years experience, industry, and location. It is accessable from the Management Library computers when on campus or fill out this form and our team will pull salary reports for you!