How to locate an article

Not all articles are available full text! If an article isn't available full text through a database...

  1. Use "Get it! Cornell" to jump into the Library Catalog to search for the journal by title (not the article title). Once you locate the journal in the Library Catalog (online or print), then determine if we have the volume/year you need
  2. If there is no "Get it! Cornell" link/button, take the title of the journal not the title of the article, into the Library Catalog to find the physical location and/or full text availability of the volume you need.
  3. If you cannot locate the article, Ask a Librarian!

Search for scholarship on a specific manuscript(s)

Tip: Footnotes often provide a wealth of information about a manuscript's history, current location, editions, etc. that an individual archive's catalog, index, or webpage do not.

Use library catalogs (especially Worldcat) to search by manucript name or number.

Use databases to search by manuscript name or number:

  • International Medieval Bibliography (IMB)
    Use the Advanced Search to search by specific manuscript name/number.
  • MLA International Bibliography
  • In Principio: Incipit Index of Latin Texts
    A collection of approximately 1,000,000 incipits covering all known Latin texts, in manuscript form, from the start of Latin literature to around 1500 A.D. This includes ancient, patristic, medieval, and humanist literature and covers all genres: theology and liberal arts, history and poetry, medicine and liturgy, civil and canon law, exact and occult sciences, summons and sermons, glossaries and correspondences, cooking recipies and cursing formulas, large and small treatises, even isolated sentences. Updated semi-annually.

Google Scholar - Get it Cornell

Access Anywhere for remote access

Access Anywhere is a bookmarklet that lets you quickly authenticate as a CU person, when you're off-campus. This allows you to access databases.

Access Anywhere