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Japanese Studies in English: A Research Guide: Maps

Developed and updated by Dan McKee and Michael Engle.

Online Maps


Collcutt, Martin, et al. Cultural Atlas of Japan. New York: Facts on File, 1988.
(Kroch Asia Stacks Oversize DS 821 .C68+)
This is a very useful resource that contains maps of origins (geography and archaeology), historical periods, Modern Japan, and special features (such as Ainu, samurai, gardens, castles, ceramics and more). There is a list of maps and a bibliography for each subject, a list of rulers, glossary, and index.
Kokusai Kyoiku Joho Senta. Atlas of Japan: Physical, Economic, and Social. Tokyo: International Society for Educational Information, 1974.
(Kroch Asia Reference G 2355 .K79 1974++)
Data based on work in the early 1970s of the physical features, economic, social, and cultural aspects of Japan. This revised version contains maps of prefectures, regions, geology, temperature, precipitation, cities, and more. Explanatory notes on maps in English, French, and Spanish.
The National Atlas of Japan. Geographical Survey Institute. Revised ed. Tokyo: Japan Map Center, 1990.
(Olin Maps G 2355 .K79 1990 +++)
Contents: Map of Japan -- Physical features -- Climate -- Land development and conservation -- Population -- Agriculture, forestry and fisheries -- Mining, manufacturing and construction -- Transport and communications -- Foreign trade -- Commerce, banking and insurance -- Politics and finance -- Social conditions -- Education and culture -- Administrative areas.
Umeda, Atushi. Japan, a Bilingual Atlas = Nihon nikakokugo atorasu. New York: Kodansha International, 1991.
(Olin Maps G 2355 .J33 1991z; Kroch Asia Stacks G 2356 .E635 U6 1991)