Citation metrics from Web of Science

Building your ResearcherID Profile

The Web of Science features Publons, a service with which you can create and manage your scholarly profile, generate citation metrics and connect with other scholars. One problem that ResearcherID addresses is name ambiguity (for example, there are many different people named John Smith, so how do you distinguish the publications that one wrote over the others?).  Publons, in tandem with ORCID, assigns a unique ID to each author and allows authors to identify papers that they contributed to.  For more information about setting up a Publons profile for Web of Science, go to the Publons home page.

Tracking citations to your work

With the Web of Science, you can set up citation alerts.  Citation alerts can be set up for authors or specific articles, and for those citation alerts that you sign up, you will receive an email message every time a citation for that resource has occurred.  

This short video guides you through setting up a citation alert: