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ERI is an easy-to-use software program that reports "up to the present day" competitive wage, salary, and incentive survey data. Each of over 5,800 jobs has been studied over time (many since 1967).

ERI also allows you to estimate costs of living in thousands of cities and towns across the US. 

Analyses are derived from millions of data points gathered from digitized public records including the US SEC, OCR of US IRS returns, ERI Salary Survey's patented online surveys (78 US industries in 5 countries), and licensed UK, Canadian, and US salary surveys and datasets.

Job titles and descriptions are enhanced with ERI's daily reading of 35% of worldwide online job postings; under license, advertised (high) salaries are not incorporated.

Access to the ERI Salary Assessor & Survey is limited to the public computers in the Nestle Library. Please contact a librarian for more information.