Finding French Dictionaries, etc.

Subject Heading searches work effectively for locating dictionaries, grammars, and thesauri. For best results, enter the following headings in the Library Catalog as Subject Heading searches.

  • For French Language Dictionaries:
    Search french language > dictionaries
  • For Bilingual dictionaries (french/english):
    Search french language > dictionaries > english
  • For French Language Outside France:
    Search, e.g., french language > canada > dictionaries
  • For Etymological Dictionaries:
    Search french language > etymology > dictionaries
  • For Dialect Dictionaries:
    Search french language > dialects > dictionaries
  • For French Grammars:
    Search french language > grammar
  • For Verb Conjugations:
    Search french language > verb > tables

French Language Dictionaries (Modern)

A wide range of French and French-English dictionaries is shelved in Olin Library:

French Language Dictionaries (Historical)