Useful Tips

Tip 1: Use the long view to review subject headings.

Tip 2: If a record says "networked resource" it is usually available online.

Tip 3: Always pay attention to the call numbers and note whether the material is shelved in the regular, oversized (+),or double oversized (++) sections.

Using Subject Headings in the Library Catalog

Searching by Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings in Cornell's Classic Catalog can be an efficient way of identifying materials in a specific area of study.  If you've found relevant material in a keyword search, display the Long View of the record to see the LC subject headings for that record.  Subject headings are hyperlinked, so clicking on one display a list of headings in alphabetical order.  Clicking on a specific heading will display a list of books cataloged under that heading. If you know a heading, of course, you can choose the Search Type 'Subject' and enter a search directly.

Some useful headings for this subject are:

French language --Style
French language --Dialects
French language --Etymology
French language --Idioms
French language --Variation
Linguistics --Dictionaries--French
Linguistics --France
Semiotics --France

Finding Books and Journals Shelved in Olin Library