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Where to Register Protocols

Where to Register Protocols?

Though not comprehensive, below is a list of registries to consider. Email us to learn more about registries.

Disciplines: All

Unlike other registries, evidence synthesis author teams do not submit their protocols for review by an editorial board before they are accepted and pre-registered on OSF. Instead, create your own pre-registration (instructions here).

OSF has a Generalized Systematic Review Registration Form that is designed for use across disciplines and evidence synthesis types (e.g., scoping reviews, meta-analysis). Check out an example of a pre-registered systematic review and meta-analysis protocol here.

Disciplines: Healthcare

Disciplines: Business and Management, Crime and Justice, Disability, Education, International Development, Knowledge Translation and Implementation, Methods, Nutrition, and Social Welfare

Disciplines: Environmental issues

Disciplines: Health and Social Care, Welfare, Public Health, Education, Crime, Justice, and International Development