Video: Protocols and registration (3:54 minutes)

What is a protocol?

What is a Protocol?

An evidence synthesis protocol states your rationale, hypothesis, and planned methodology.  Much like a blueprint for a house, a protocol outlines the planned framework for the evidence synthesis. Members of the team use the protocol as a guide to conduct the research. It is recommended that you register your protocol prior to conducting your review. This will improve transparency and reproducibility, reduce bias, and will also ensure that other research teams do not duplicate your efforts. A protocol template and checklist are included on this page, as well as a checklist for structured literature reviews that serves as a similar document to an evidence synthesis protocol.

Where to Register Protocols

Where to Register Protocols?

Though not comprehensive, below is a list of registries to consider. Email us to learn more about registries.

Open Science Framework 

An open source, multidisciplinary web application that connects and supports the research workflow. Researchers use the OSF to collaborate, document, archive, share, and register research projects, materials, and data. OSF can be used to pre-register a systematic review protocol and to share documents such as a Zotero library, search strategies, and data extraction forms. 

Unlike other registries, evidence synthesis author teams do not submit their protocols for review by an editorial board before they are accepted and pre-registered on OSF. Instead, create your own pre-registration (instructions here). 

Example of a pre-registered scoping review protocol on OSF (click "registrations" to view registration info)