About Cornell's European Union research collections

Cornell University Library manages deep and extensive collections of European Union (formerly European Communities and European Community) official documents and publications which extend from the 1950s to the present. Cornell University Library has been a depository library for documents and publications of the European Union since 1997.

In addition, the Library's collections include scholarly books and journals, news and media sources, and archival materials on microfiche. These collections support research on Western Europe European integration, and European institutions, regions, themes and topics.

Most current EU documents and publications are freely accessible online; older materials can be found at Cornell in print, or through Cornell-licensed databases, or microfiche.

Print materials on Western Europe, European integration, European institutions and specific and comparative topics are located in the appropriate subject library. They can be located using the online catalog. For example, most print materials on agricultural policy will be found at Mann Library, and most material on vocational development, labor relations, and related topics will be found at the Industrial and Labor Relations Library. The Cornell Law Library maintains separate collections of EU documents and publications appropriate to its areas of responsibility. Lower-use materials may be at the Library Annex, from which they may be requested by visitors as well as by Cornell cardholders.

For comprehensive records of the Library's print and licensed electronic resources relating to the EU, try guided keyword searches in the Cornell library Classic Catalog using European language terms.

Don't hesitate to ask for help finding what you need.

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Alison Shea
Myron Taylor Hall
Cornell Law School

European Studies Librarian

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Sarah How
Sarah How
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Subjects: European Union Studies;
French language, literatures, history;
Italian language, literature, history;
Western European Social Sciences
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