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Jeremy Cusker
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Engineering Librarian

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Jill Powell
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New requirements for engineering students

Engineering programs are accredited by an organization known as ABET; the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.  Changes to their criteria have encouraged the College of Engineering to develop new methods for assessing and evaluating student achievement.

Among these recommendations is Outcome 7, dealing with what Cornell University Library refers to as 'information literacy."

Outcome 7: students have the ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies

  • Performance Indicator A: Students identify, access, and evaluate relevant information.

  • Performance Indicator B: Students recognize the need for new knowledge or skills and find and implement appropriate learning strategies

ABET suggests that students be evaluated on their mastery of this and other areas of achievement on a basis ranging from "emerging" (at the lowest level) to "exemplary" (the highest) across the length of their undergraduate education as engineers.

In support of this goal, the librarians at the Engineering Library is offering assistance to any instructor in the Engineering Distribution (ENGRD) classes. We can offer classroom instruction for part or all of a regular classroom session on the use of information resources in the library. We can also collaborate on the design of specific assignments making use of library resources. Contact us by email or 607-254-6261 if you would like to discuss these possibilities or to arrange a session for your Engineering Distribution class.

Selected Databases in Science and Engineering

These are databases that index peer-reviewed journals, technical reports and conference proceedings in science and technology. Each one has a different focus.

For a complete list of engineering databases, see our Databases page.

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