Engineering Library Research Videos

The videos hwere designed for specific engineering courses, but feel free to use them as needed. Note you can maximize the browser screen by mousing/ clicking on the upper right hand side of the browser. If you have any questions, email Jill Powell Engineering Librarian. Created by Jeremy Cusker and Jill Powell

2020 Update  - When the librarian says  "Database A-Z list" replace it with "Engineering Databases." Our website has been updated with that name.


Many people were involved in the video creation besides Jeremy Cusker and Jill Powell. Also involved were Sean Taylor, Kathryn Dimiduk, Zsuzsa Koltay, Carla DeMello, Melanie Lefkowitz, Nozomi Nishimura, Mike Thompson, Robert Bell, Gaby Castro Gessner, Meredith Silberstein, and Matt Ryan. 

Engineering Librarian

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Jill Powell
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Engineering Library
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Subjects: Engineering