Choose variables

  • Using the menus, find the data tables that contain the demographic information in which you are interested. You can also search for tables by demographic keyword by clicking the "Search by Keyword" tab.
  • Highlight your selections in the box and add them to the Current Table Selections box.
  • Click "Show Results" to view the tables with your selected geographies and variables.

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How do I know which table to choose?

For this assignment, you have been asked to choose five statistics about your census tract and county.  While the tables in the drop-down have titles that indicate the topics covered in the table, it is sometimes unclear on which tables certain statistics will be found.  Below are some clues for where to look:

  • Percent female-headed households with children under 18:  Choose "Households by presences of people under 18 years by household type" from the ACS tables.
  • Race/ethnic composition:  Try the table titled "Race" from the Census 2010 or ACS tables.
  • Percent owner-occupied housing units: Choose the 'Tenure' table (T94) from the ACS tables.
  • Percent unemployed:  Try "Employment status for total population 16 years and over" or one of the unemployment tables from the ACS.
  • Percent in professional and related occupations:  Try the ACS table called "Occupation For Employed Civilian Population 16 Years And Over"
  • Median household income:  Look for the "Median household income" tables in ACS.
  • Percent families below the poverty level: Try the table called "Poverty Status In 2015 Of Families By Family Type By Presence Of Children Under 18 Years" from ACS.