Geolytics Census CDs

Census data, in electronic format, back to 1960.
To see a list of the Geolytics Census CDs we own, enter the phrase CensusCD as a title search in the library catalog.

The CDs are filed by call number on the bookshelves adjacent to the Electronic Text Center (ETC) workstations (dedicated workstations for CDROMS), just behind the Reference Desk in Olin Library. Guides and manuals are on the other side of this shelf, also filed by call number.

Running the Geolytics software

Place the CD in the CD drive. Click on Electronic Text Center (ETC) databases and find the CD on the list. Double-click the icon to launch the CD.

The interface varies slightly among the different CDs. In general, the process is as follows: (See the Guide mentioned above more information).

  • File/New Request: Give your file a name.
  • Area: Choose the geographic level.
  • Subarea: Choose a subarea, or choose the same area level again to confirm choice.
  • Counts: Select STF1A, STF3A, or both.
  • Run:  Choose a format (dbase or ASCII is generally what you want).