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CRP 5072/LA 6940 Workshop: Ithaca Just and Resilient Study Guide: Flood mitigation

This guide is meant to provide helpful resources and information pertaining to flooding and climate resilience in Ithaca, New York.

Articles and longer readings

Suggested Readings

“Critical rainfall statistics for predicting watershed flood responses: rethinking the design storm concept”; James O. Knighton and M. Todd Walter


“Hydrological impact of roadside ditches in an agricultural watershed in Central New York: implications for non-point source pollutant transport”; B. P. Buchanan, K. Falbo, R. L. Schneider, Z. M. Easton and M. T. Walter


“Hydrologic State Influence on Riverine Flood Discharge for a Small Temperate Watershed (Fall Creek, United States): Negative Feedbacks on the Effects of Climate Change”; James Knighton, Arthur DeGaetano, and M. Todd Walter


“Incorporating Variable Source Area Hydrology into a Spatially Distributed Direct Runoff Model”; Brian Buchanan, Zachary M. Easton, Rebecca Schneider, and M. Todd Walter


“Modeling the hydrologic effects of roadside ditch networks on receiving waters”; Brian Buchanan, Zachary M. Easton, Rebecca L. Schneider, M. Todd Walter


“Variations in sediment sources and yields in the Finger Lakes and Catskills regions of New York”; Gregory N. Nagle, Timothy J. Fahey, Jerry C. Ritchie and Peter B. Woodbury