Find a study space

Library locations

View a library location's website by following the links in the map below or by visiting the libraries page.

The map below shows library locations.

  • green book iconGreen icons: Libraries with 24 hour study space open to all Cornell students (24/7 spaces typically require Cornell ID card for access)
  • yellow book iconYellow icons: Libraries open every day (but not 24 hours)
  • red book iconRed icons: Libraries not open every day. These may be closed on weekends or may be restricted to a school or college on some days.

Click on an icon to see the library hours during the finals period. Keep in mind: These hours are subject to change. Always check each library's website to confirm hours.

Reserve a group study room

Visit the library spaces page to reserve a group study room.


Some libraries have restricted access for members of certain communities:

  • Law: During the Law School exam period (Dec. 2 - Dec. 16) the Law School building is closed to anyone outside the Law School community. Additionally, the Law School is closed to non-law students on weekends.
  • Management: The Management Library's 24 hour space is available to the Johnson community only.
  • Veterinary: The Vet Library's 24 hour space is available to the Vet community only. Additionally, the Vet School is closed to non-vet students on weekends.