Building Your Case

You found a potential funder, so you are done with research right? Wrong. There are a few areas to research to build a strong case for funding. These grants are highly competitive so your case needs to demonstrate importance and impact.

First of all, look into previous recipients. This will help you to understand what the funding organization wants in candidates. A representative may comment for the news about why they selected that application or you may identify trends in who they select. Previous recipients may be listed on the company website, or you can search for newspaper articles for the announcements. Use the databases below for those searches.

Next, build your case. Dr. Evans may share details of the SOS Children's Villages and their success. Your case may benefit from data on poverty or research on the success of Aquaponics (for example: how much food will be produced on average?). These research questions cover a wide range of topics and will not be covered by every database below. Feel free to reach out to me for suggestions on where to find data or research!