Find a Law Library

If you are not able to meet your research needs through free information available online, you may need to visit or contact a law library in your area. Law libraries house collections of legal sources in print and subscribe to specialized legal research databases. Law librarians are specially trained in legal research. The resources below can help you locate a law library near you.

More resources to try include:

  • Your local courthouse: Many county courthouses have law libraries that are open to the public.
  • Your local public library: Although they do not specialize in legal research, public libraries may be able to provide some research materials beyond what you can access from your home. Additionally, public librarians can help refer you to a public law library in your area, or request materials from other libraries through interlibrary loans.

Find an Attorney

Law librarians can help find laws and other texts, but they cannot interpret legal texts for you or offer advice on legal matters. If you find that you are not able to answer your legal questions on your own, consider contacting an attorney. See below resources to help you find an attorney in your area and programs for reduced-cost and free legal aid.