Scrivener-like features found in other software

  • Visualize the whole of the work and move the chapters/sections around with Microsoft Word's Table of Contents (formerly called a Document Map) which also has the benefit of creating an accessible document
  • Productivity: FreeWriter
    Free/pay what you can. A stripped down word processor that focuses on productivity-- alarms, session word counts, productivity logs, etc.

Competitors to Scrivener

Alternatives are typically aimed at fiction or screenwriting, but like Scrivener, they can be adapted for academic writing.

List of alternatives to Scrivener:

Software reviews:

Selected free/pay what you want software:

Free/pay what you want is great, of course, but sometimes the trade-off is bare-bones interface and lack of technical support and help.

Selected subscription, cloud-based software:

Recently developed subscription software often claims to be easier to use and learn than Scrivener with a more updated, intuitive interface. It also provides technical support and help.