Browzine - A tool for organizing and keeping up to date with academic journals

BrowZine is a tool available online or on a tablet or mobile device that allows you to set up visual bookshelves of the scientific journals you want to read and keep up to date with.  Cornell University Library subscribes to Browzine and to many academic journals and BrowZine allows to you to select and arrange them as you see fit.

First you will need to create an account with Browzine. In the BrowZine window, there should be an indication that you have been properly recognized as a Cornell user. Since BrowZine is a subscription tool, you won't be able to get access unless this is the case. 

Once you've established and confirmed your account, you can begin adding journals to your library. Simply search for them by title in the search box. Or you can look at the categories to find journals you may not have even been aware of before. Once you've added some journals, you can arrange them on your "Shelves", select and highlight individual articles to save for future reading and set up notifications when new issues are added. A complete how-to is available from BrowZine's own site