Downloading data

There are a number of ways you can download the data and charts in Bloomberg for your schoolwork.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to licensing restrictions, raw data cannot be removed from the Bloomberg terminal. Please see a librarian for guidelines regarding Bloomberg data usage.

Excel API is ideal for when you need a large number of data points for modelling.

GRAB <GO> will create a screen capture that you can email to yourself. See other options under the EXPORT link in the top menubar.

Click and drag with the mouse will automatically copy the information you selected to the clipboard.

Right clicking on many tables and charts will allow you to copy the image and/or underlying data to the clipboard.

Some screens will include a menu option: Output Results To which allows downloading.

<PRINT> allows you to print the current screen.  To print multiple pages, type the number of pages to print and then the <PRINT> key.


Bloomberg help is available via email. Hit the green <HELP> key twice and a window will open with an option to type in your question and send it to a Bloomberg support specialist.


To request help from a librarian, contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Bloomberg University

Learn more via Bloomberg Market Concepts BMC <GO> which covers the themes and concepts in economic indicators, currencies, equities, and fixed income.

BHL <GO> (Bloomberg Help and Learning) has training modules (Getting Started With Bloomberg) on how to use some of the market specific and advanced features of the system. FFM <GO>  (Functions for the Market) provides ideas on how to analyze current event affecting the market.

For those who would like to take the Bloomberg Market Concepts course from anywhere, you have an option to pay a fee for a web-based version of the course.