Who is Ada Lovelace?

Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician, commonly known as the first computer programmer. You can learn more about her on her Wikipedia Page, in the book Ada's Legacy, below, and in the story 'Cracking Codes'.


Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day to celebrate the contributions of self-identifying women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and related fields. This day is celebrated on the second Tuesday in October. At Cornell we hold a yearly Edit-a-thon to update and create Wikipedia entries on women who have made significant contributions to the STEM fields.

Check out the official event website to learn more: Finding Ada.

While Wikipedia is the fifth most popular website in the world, notching up more than 32 million views a day, less than 18% of its English-language biographies are about women. So in honor of Ada Lovelace—and her contributions to mathematics and computing—we’ll work to add more entries to Wikipedia and give you the tools to keep making the Internet have more equal representation of all genders.

There is a Wikipedia Meetup page from our Inaugural event if you want more information! 


Ada Lovelace Past Event 2020 Flyer

          ada lovelace day event poster

AIMS of Ada Lovelace Day

• to highlight the achievements, discoveries and inventions of women in STEM
• to create new role models for girls and women alike by telling the stories of women in STEM
• to encourage girls and women to study and work in the STEM fields by both inspiring them
and helping to develop their skills

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