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Researcher's Toolkit 2023: Speaker Bios

One-day workshop for graduate students in engineering and the physical sciences.


Jill Powell

Jill Powell is Engineering Librarian at Cornell University. She has a BA from Cornell and an MLS from
Syracuse University. At Cornell she is the library liaison to these departments: biomedical engineering,
electrical and computer engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, operations research and
information engineering, and science and technology studies. She has over 30 years experience
teaching research strategies to engineering students. Her interests are science and engineering
librarianship, collection development, and digital projects. She has served as Program and Division
Chair in the Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE. She is currently working on a project to digitize over
360 lantern slides used for teaching in the early 20th century.

Hyunjung Lee

Hyunjung Lee is the Engineering Research and Instruction Librarian in the Engineering Library, located
on the first floor of Carpenter Hall. Hyunjung received her Master of Science (M.S.) in Computational
Sciences from Marquette University, M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas,
and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Civil Engineering from Minnesota State University. Previously, she
served as a graduate research assistant and graduate teaching assistant at both Marquette University
and the University of Kansas. In her role, Hyunjung provides instruction, research and data support,
and outreach to Cornell Engineering in Ithaca, and Cornell Tech in New York City.

Leah McEwen

Leah McEwen is Chemistry Librarian at Cornell University, based in the Clark Physical Sciences Library.
She received her MS in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell and her MLS in Library Science from Emporia State.
Leah is responsible for managing chemical information collections and services, including discovery, digital tools
and data management. She is an international leader in chemistry data standards development and has served
on Boards and contributed to a number of chemistry resources, including SciFinder-n, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry
and Physics and Chemistry & Engineering News, the ACS Style Guide and the PubChem Database, among others.

Henrik Spoon

Henrik Spoon is the Physics, Astronomy, and Mathermatics librarian in the Clark Physical Sciences Library and
the Mathematics Library since 2018. He has a PhD in astronomy (2003) from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in
The Netherlands and has contributed to 124 publications in astrophysics of which 13 as the first author. He is a
consultant for the Cornell Data Services and is a curator for the Data Curation
Network (DCN).

Susi Varvayanis

From publishing basic research discoveries to managing a core facility, Susi Varvayanis moved into workforce development and program management in an academic research institute. She has helped determine the commercial potential of research, partnered with industry, and made research more accessible to the public. She worked abroad as Chief Operating Officer to launch a new interdisciplinary center of excellence. Susi is now Executive Director of Cornell’s Graduate School office called Careers Beyond Academia, the university-wide initiative that empowers graduate students and postdocs to flexibly explore and test drive various careers for best fit. She is a frequent speaker across campus and nationally to share her recent research and disseminate best practices in graduate education.

Eliza Bettinger

Eliza Bettinger is the lead librarian for digital scholarship at Cornell University Library, and the leader of the Digital CoLab in Olin Library. Her research interests include critical digital literacies, cartography, and the digital humanities. She holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Cornell, an MA in Geography from City University of New York - Hunter College, and an MLIS from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Wendy Kozlowski

Wendy Kozlowski is the Lead for Research Data Services in Cornell University Library and Coordinator
of the Cornell Data Services (CDS) at Cornell University.