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How to: Track CSR and Sustainability: Find Companies

Creating a List of Companies

These are some of the main sources that will let you create a list of companies that match criteria you specify (such as where they are located, their indusries, size, etc.). There are additional places to search specifically for SGE-related job postings on the Sustainability Jobs tab.

Keep in mind, many larger companies may not entirely focus on SGE issues, but will have divisions or positions that do.

  • Capital IQ (Restricted to Johnson School community)
    Use to create lists by industry, location, size, et cetera. Requires registration for a personal account.
  • CareerSearch
    Use to screen for companies by industry, geographic location, size, or keyword. Also check out Top Rated Cities feature to find the location that is ideal for you.
  • Uniworld
    Use to find multinational companies by location, size, and industry.

How to Create a List

The process of creating a list of companies to target is similar in all of the databases listed on this page. It usually involves limiting your companies by industry and location. You may also be able to limit your search even further by size, revenues, or by using keywords.

In this example we will create a list of companies in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts that manufacture solar, wind, and/or geothermal energy technologies.

1. Access CareerSearch from the Management Library Web site.
2. Select your Search Type. In this example, select US Search.
3. From the Industries tab, click Technology to see the sub-categories. Keep drilling down into Energy and then Alternative energy systems.
4. Check the boxes next to Geothermal energy equipment, Solar energy equipment, and Wind energy equipment .
5. Now select the Locations tab at the top of the screen. Check the box next to Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.
6. Click the red Get Results button on the right of the screen to see the companies that match the criteria.
7. Click the Save Results tab to download the information.

Finding Industry Codes

What is an industry code?

and NAICS are classification systems for industries. They allow you to group together companies in a specific industry in a standardized way.  

Where can I find industry codes?

SIC and NAICS codes and code definitions are available from the Census website.

For example, the NAICS code for alternative energy (e.g., geothermal, ocean wave, solar, wind) is 237130.

Search Tips

Hey, there are some companies missing!

If you have tried the search on the left you might have noticed that a major player in the windmill industry, General Electric, is missing from the results list! Even though General Electric is based in Rochester, GE Wind is based in California and so in this case the database limits your search results as such.

To avoid this problem start broad:

  • Do not limit the location for your first search.
  • Use broader industries and use the appropriate industry code to search for your companies. Many databases will have GE Wind listed as a turbine manufacturer (SIC:3511, NAICS:333611) rather than an alternative energy manufacturer.
  • Use more than one resource when creating lists of companies.