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MSE 4030: Senior Materials Laboratory I (Fall 2016): Top Databases

Research guide to finding the literature of engineering articles, patents, books, and standards.

Why is this Important?

ABET accreditation criteria require that engineering students develop "An ability to recognize the ongoing need to acquire new knowledge, to choose appropriate learning strategies, and to apply this knowledge."

Intro and Top Databases

Icebreaker Questions

1) Which citation management program do you use, if any?

2) Which academic information resources have been the most valuable to you in the past?

3) Have there been times when you couldn't find or organize the information you needed? Describe.

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Was did you learn from today's library workshop?

What was missing (what did you wish you'd learned?)

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Jill Powell

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Primary research is often published in a peer-reviewed journal. Check Ulrich's Periodical Directory--for the referee jersey icon - . More on peer-reviewed journals from the University of Texas.