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Darfur Crisis: A Selected Bibliography: Home


The intentions of this guide are to provide the researcher with helpful tips, and suggested print and electronic resources about the Darfur Crisis in early 2000.

The guide is divided into ten different categories. Each is designed to give the researcher ideas on how to track down material relating to the In addition this bibliography is an attempt to address the resolution put forth by the ALA (American Library Association) on the Darfur Crisis. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather is a selective collection of books, online resources, films and web sites chosen in the hope they can teach what this “crisis” means, and possibility inspire people to take action.

Table of Contents

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Genocide—Sudan—Darfur—International Cooperation
Humanitarian assistance—Sudan—Darfur
Genocide—Darfur (Sudan)
Atrocities—Darfur (Sudan)
Crimes Against Humanity—Darfur (Sudan)
Darfur (Sudan)—Politics and government
Sudan—History—Civil War
Sudan—History—Darfur Conflict, 2003-
Darfur (Sudan)—Ethnic Relations
Darfur (Sudan)—History 20th Century
Darfur (Sudan)—Politics and Government
Civil War—Sudan—Darfur
Ethnic Conflict—Sudan—Darfur


Darfur, Darfurian, Janjaweed (Janjawid, Janjawed, Jingaweit, Jinjaweed, Janjawiid, Janjiwid, Janjaweit), genocide, Khartoum, civil war, humanitarian, Islam, Christianity, African, Arabs, Islamist Arab, Fur tribe, Massalit tribe, Meidoub tribe, Zeghawa (Zaghawa)  tribe, Misseriya tribe, Rizeigat tribe, Mujahedin

Glossary of Acronyms:

ACOA                           American Committee on Africa
AIC                               American Islamic Congress
AMIS                            African Union Mission in Sudan
ASAP                           Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project
AU                                African Union
CAR                             Central African Republic
DAC                             Darfur Action Committee
DLF                              Darfur Liberation Front
DUP                             Democratic Unionist Party
GNU                             Government of National Unity
JEM                             Justice and Equality Movement
JMC                             Joint Military Commission
NCP                             National Congress Party
NDA                             National Democratic Alliance
NIF                               National Islamic Front
NMRD                           National Movement for Reform and Development
NRF                              National Redemption Front
NSRCC (RCC)               National Salvation Revolutionary Command Council
OAU                             Organization of African Unity
PCP                             Popular Congress Party
PDF                              Popular Defense Force
SAF                              Sudan Armed Forces
SLA                              Sudan Liberation Army
SLM                             Sudan Liberation Movement
SPLA                            Sudan People’s Liberation Army
SPLM/A                        Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army
SSU                             Sudanese Socialist Union
STAND                         Students Taking Action Now: Darfur
STOP                           Slavery That Oppresses People
SUNA                           Sudan News Agency
TMC                             Transitional Military Council

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