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MUSIC 1341: Gamelan in Indonesian History and Cultures: Preparing for Library Workshop

A guide to library resources for Music 1341: Gamelan in Indonesian History and Cultures

Library Workshop

In preparation for the library workshop on Friday, please complete the following tasks:


  • Familiarize yourself with this guide. Peruse the music and Kroch Asia resources, as well as the general library databases and practical links. Come to class prepared to name an item from the "Some Practical Links" page that you think you will find useful.
  • Search in RILM for writings on your topic. Try using the facets on the left side to explore results, and figure out ways to save the results you find. Be prepared to demonstrate your search strategies to the class.
  • Use the Library Catalog to try out different ways of finding books that might be useful for this class. (Hint: Look at the Library Catalog and Articles page of this guide for guidance on using the Library Catalog.) Find a book in the Library Catalog (other than Brinner's 2008 book and Sumarsam's 2013 book); it's OK if the book is on reserve for this class. It can be about gamelan or Indonesian music more generally, or it can be on a specific topic, such as the musical genre dangdut. 
  • Bring laptops on Friday. We will be in Olin Library Classroom 106 G, so please plan accordingly. Arrive early so that we may start on time.  


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