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Statistics and Data for Latin America : National Statistical

A research guide on sources from and about Latin America and the Caribbean.


National governments often mandate the keeping of statistics and task agencies with this duty. The data collected often change over the years, statistics may not always be published, and raw data and data sets are not always accessible. Additionally, data may be only available in print format only.

About Subject Headings

The best strategy for finding statistics is to do a thorough search of the agencies' publications both print and online.Search the Cornell Classic Catalog by publisher or, alternately, do a "Subject Heading" search:

  • [country name] - statistics
  • [country name] - statistics, vital
  • [country name] - census
  • Cuba--Economic conditions--1959-1990--Statistics

National Statistical Agencies

For additional countries, visit the US Census Bureau's page: International Statistical Agencies.

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