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Ebooks at Cornell: Ebooks on

Ebooks on Reserve

The library has been offering the option of putting ebooks on reserve since the 2012 Fall Semester.

When an instructor places a request for a book not already owned by the Library to be placed on reserve, library staff will search to see if an electronic version is available.  If it is, the instructor will be notified to see if they prefer the electronic version or the print.  If we do not hear from the instructor within 3 business days we will obtain the ebook version for reserve use.

For questions about choosing ebooks for reserve: Contact a Reserve Desk

Further information

One of the main advantages of ebooks on reserve is their availability to students wherever they are at all times of the day, including when the library is closed.

There are some limitations to ebooks however that are outlined below:

Viewing ebooks

Some ebooks available through Cornell have single-user limits--only one person can access it at a time.  However for reserve purposes we will purchase multi-use versions so that at a minimum of 3 users can access the item at the same time.

Printing ebooks

Many ebooks place limitations on how much of the book can be printed.  While this amount varies it is generally 60 pages or one chapter.  Click on the tabs above to read more specific information about our biggest ebook collections.

Downloading ebooks

Similar to printing there are limitations to the amount of the ebook that can be downloaded for offline reading. Most will allow PDF downloads of single chapters.

Full downloading of ebooks to computers or devices is very limited.  One large collection that is offering 14 day downloads through Adobe Digital Editions is eBrary.  See the eBrary tab above for further details. Audio books from in our OverDrive collection are also fully downloadable.

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