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Cornell University History: A Research Guide: Statistics
about Cornell

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Statistical Data

The home page for Institutional Research and Planning provides the most access points and the widest variety of statistics about Cornell available, including some lengthy historical series going back as early as 1868.

University Factbook is one example of the kind of information available on the IRP website.
Examples of available categories: Undergraduate Admissions Statistics (Fall 2002 to date). Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Student Enrollment (including breakdowns by sex, race/ethnicity, "Home Region," and more, Fall 2002 to date). Graduation and Degrees Conferred (Graduation rates for undergrads by college, race and sex--1990, 1995, 2000 to date. Number of degrees conferred at the Ithaca campus by student college and academic program--2002/03 to date.). Number of Academic Employees. Number of Nonacademic Employees. Tuition Costs.

See also Cornell Facts.

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