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US Census: Online and Print sources for the United States Census: Print Census Volumes
and PDFs

Compiled by Lynn Thitchener, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Olin Library Reference

PDFs online

The Census Bureau Census of Population and Housing page provides PDFs for many of the census reports, back to the earliest census, along with information about what is included.

Navigating through the zip files can be a little unwieldy. A few tips:

  • The Title Page serves as a table-of-contents to the census volume(s) that covers the state you need.
  • In some browsers, you can use the Title Page links to go directly to that section of the census. In other browsers, you may need to download the zip files.

Note: Over the years, the census becomes increasingly complex and is published in various parts (i.e. Census of Manufactures, Census of Agriculture, etc.)

The library also has print volumes for many of the census years. See below:

Table of print and pdf sources for the US Census

PRINT and Microform Sources for Historical Census Counts.

Searching the library catalog to find call numbers for the decennial census can be tricky because there are many different census products and reports.

The table below provides the Subject Heading or Title that will work best, for a catalog search, and the call number locations for the volumes (when available).

Subject Heading/Title

United States Census, 1st, 1790
"Return of the whole number of persons..."

PDF available online via Evans Digital or via the Census Bureau

United States Census, 11th, 1890
"[Census reports] Eleventh census: 1890"

In Olin stacks (may be incomplete). See catalog record and compare with volume holdings at Mann.

United States Census, 2nd, 1800
"Return of the whole number of persons..."

Microprint 23 -- Early American imprints. Second series ; no. 3442 (Lower Level, Media Center)

Not currently available online (12/09/2007)

United States Census, 12th, 1900
"Census reports ... Twelfth census of the United States..."

Olin Library stacks,
HA201 1900 .B1 +, 10 vols.


United States Census, 3rd, 1810
"Aggregate amount of persons..."

Olin Library
HA201 1810 .Ba ++

or, Microprint 23 no. 24084


United States Census, 13th, 1910
"Thirteenth census of the United States taken in the year 1910. [Reports.] "

Olin Library stacks, HA201 1910 .B1 +, 11 vols.

United States Census, 4th, 1820
"Census for 1820..."

United States Census, 14th, 1920
"Fourteenth census of the United States taken in the year 1920 ... [Reports] "

Olin Library stacks,
HA201 1920 .B1 + (missing parts of volume 4) and Mann Library, HA201 1920 .A15.

United States Census, 5th, 1830
"Fifth census; or, Enumeration..."


United States Census, 15th, 1930
"Fifteenth census of the United States: 1930. Population..."

Library Annex and Mann Library,

Library Annex
Call Number: Oversize
HA201 1930.A3 P 8 +
Copy Number: 2

Status: Not Charged
Volumes : v.1-2, v.3:pt.1-2, v.4-6

Mann Library
Call Number: HA201 1930 .A15P

Status: Not Charged
Volumes : v.1-2; v.3:pt.1-2; v.4-6

United States Census, 6th, 1840
"Sixth census; or, Enumeration..."


United States Census, 16th, 1940
Sixteenth census of the United States: 1940. Population ....

Olin Library stacks,
HA201 1940 .P83 + , 4 vols.



United States Census, 7th, 1850
"The seventh census of the United States: 1850. Embracing a statistical view of each of the states and territories... :

Olin Library stacks:
HA201 1850 .B1 + .


United States Census, 17th, 1950
"Census of population: 1950. A report of the seventeenth decennial census of the United States"

Olin Library stacks:
HA201 1950 .P83 + (may be missing a few "parts")


United States Census, 8th, 1860

"Population of the United States in 1860..."

Olin stacks:
HA201 1860 .B3 ++

United States Census, 18th, 1960
"Census of population: 1960; the eighteenth decennial census of the United States."

Olin Library stacks:
HA201 1960 .P82 +

United States Census, 9th, 1870
"[Census reports] Compiled from the original returns..."

 Olin stacks:
HA201 1870 .B1 + , 3 vols.

United States Census, 19th, 1970
"1970 census of Population"

See Geolytics on the main page for CDROM version.

Olin Library stacks:
HA201 1970 .P82 +


United States Census, 10th, 1880 [Census reports] Tenth census

Olin stacks:
HA201 1880 .B1 ++ , 22 vols.


United States Census, 20th, 1980
"1980 census of population. Volume 1, Characteristics of the population."

See Geolytics, on the main page, for the CDROM version.

Olin Library stacks:
HA201 1980 .A4 v.1 +