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Labor Unions and the Internet: Contracts (CBAs)

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective Bargaining Agreements - State, Regional, and Local Collections



New York 


Collective Bargaining Agreements - National, Industry, and Occupational Collections

Search CBAs!

Instructions for performing full-text searches of DigitalCommons@ILR CBA collections through Google:

  • We recommend using one of the following search strings, depending on which collection you're searching:
    • site: perbcontracts search term
    • site: blscontracts search term
    • site: blscontracts2 search term
  • Using the "site:" limitation as given will search only the PDFs
  • Using "perbcontracts"/"blscontracts"/"blscontracts2" will limit it to the collection you're interested in.
  • You can then use any search term that you'd like to investigate.

International Agreements

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