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Cascadilla School Library Day (Fall 2018): A D White Library

Introduction to doing research at Cornell for students of the Cascadilla School

Andrew Dickson White

Portrait bust of Andrew Dickson White by Franklin Simmons, ca. 1885. Andrew Dickson White Library. Source: Flickr.

Andrew Dickson White was the first president of Cornell. The A. D. White library was built to house White's personal collection of 30,000 books. Today, it holds books about books, publishing and book collecting.

The Andrew Dickson White Library

Did you enjoy visiting the Andrew Dickson White Library in Uris? You might like to find out more about it. Try these resources:

Uris Library Historical Tour

Andrew Dickson White as a Book Collector

Andrew Dickson White. The Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White. New York: The Century Co., 1905. Available in electronic format through Project Gutenberg: Vol. I Vol. II and through the Internet Archive: Vol. I, Vol. II.

Susan Lang. “Behind the McGraw Tower chimes is a story of love and legal wrangling.” Cornell Chronicle, February 11, 1999.


ca. 1900

Andrew Dickson White Library, ca. 1900

Source: University Archives. Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library

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