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Foreign Language Teaching: A Research Guide: Encyclopedia and

A research guide for foreign language instructors teaching at Cornell.

Specialized Encyclopedias and Dictionaries: Context for Research

Encyclopedia of Language and Education
Edited by Nancy H. Hornberger.
2nd ed. New York : Springer, 2008.
Contains 263 articles with substantial bibliographies. Only some address the issue of second-language teaching. Hints for use: search Second Language within this publication. You can exclude "preview-only" articles from the previous (1997) edition.
Encyclopedia of Language Development.
Edited by Patricia J. Brooks and Vera Kempe.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2014.
Over 200 articles cover the breadth of theory and research on language development from birth through adulthood, as well as their practical application. All articles (signed and authored by key figures in the field) conclude with cross reference links and suggestions for further reading.; Appendices include a Resource Guide with annotated lists of classic books and articles, journals, associations, and web sites; a Glossary of specialized terms; and a Chronology offering an overview and history of the field.


Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education
Edited by Josué M. González.
Los Angeles: Sage, 2008.
Although primarily about bilingual education at the K-12 level, contains some useful articles about second-language teaching more generally.

Non-English Dictionaries Online

See our list of links in the Language Dictionaries Online Research Guide

Dictionaries for ESL Students

Oxford Dictionary of American English [aka Oxford ESL Dictonary]
New York: Oxford UP, 2006.
(Olin Reference PE 2835 .O93 2005)
Includes a series of study pages on topics (ex. the environment, worlds that go together, phasal verbs) for understanding U.S. and Canadian culture and appendixes on irregular verbs, prefixes and suffixes, etc. for students of English. 1 CD-ROM in a pocket in the book.
Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary
New York: Cambridge UP, 2011.
(Olin Reference PE 1628 .J77x 2011)
Over 230,000 pronunciations of words and phrases. Unlike general dictionaries, it also includes the pronunciation of proper names, people and places. It also features The World of English Pronunciation – a collection of lively essays on aspects of pronunciation by leading experts in the field, and includes a phonetics and phonology glossary and notes on the relationship between spellings and sounds.

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