Treaties with Indigenous Peoples of North America


  • List of Indian Treaties: a memorandum and accompanying information from the chairman of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House of Representatives, to the members of the Committee, September 8, 1964. Washington: U.S. G.P.O., 1964. Olin Ref Z1209.2 U5 U58
    Contains chronological list with citations to Statutes at Large

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  • Documents of American Indian Diplomacy: Treaties, Agreements, and Conventions, 1775-1979, [compiled by] Vine Deloria, Jr., and Raymond J. DeMallie. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, c1999. 2 vols.Olin stacks KF8202 1999+; Uris stacks KF8202 1999; also Law
    "Reproduced in this two-volume set are hundreds of treaties and agreements made by Indian nations--with, among others, the Continental Congress; England, Spain, and other foreign countries; the ephemeral Republic of Texas and the Confederate States; railroad companies seeking rights-of-way across Indian land; and other Indian nations. Many were made with the United States but either remained unratified by Congress or were rejected by the Indians themselves after the Senate amended them unacceptably. Many others are "agreements" made after the official--but hardly de facto--end of U.S. treaty making in 1871." (Publisher)

  • Early American Indian documents: Treaties and Laws, 1607-1789, general editor, Alden T. Vaughan. Washington D.C.: University Publications of America, c1979- . 20 volumes. Olin Stacks KF 8202 1979 +
    Contents: v. 1. Pennsylvania and Delaware treaties, 1629-1737 -- v. 2. Pennsylvania treaties, 1737-1756 -- v. 3. Pennsylvania treaties, 1756-1775 -- v. 4. Virginia treaties, 1607-1722 -- v. 5. Virginia treaties, 1723-1775 -- v. 6. Maryland treaties, 1632-1775 -- v. 7. New York and New Jersey treaties, 1609-1682 -- v. 8. New York and New Jersey treaties, 1683-1713 -- v. 9. New York and New Jersey treaties, 1714-1753 -- v. 10. New York and New Jersey treaties, 1754-1775.-- v. 11. Georgia treaties, 1733-1763 -- v. 12. Georgia and Florida treaties, 1763-1776 -- v. 13. North and South Carolina Treaties, 1654-1756 -- v. 14. North and South Carolina treaties, 1756-1775 -- v. 15. Virginia and Maryland laws -- v. 16. Carolina and Georgia laws -- v. 17. New England and middle Atlantic laws -- v. 18. Revolution and confederation -- v. 19. New England treaties, southeast, 1524-1761 -- v. 20. New England treaties, north and west, 1650-1776.

  • United States Statutes at Large, compiled, edited, and indexed by authority of Congress under the direction of the Secretary of State. Washington : U.S. G.P.O.  Volume 7 contains the text of treaties with American Indians for the years 1789-1842.