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1776 - 1949

Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949. (Bevans)

1778 - 1949

(Treaties only)
in (1) Statutes at Large via ProQuest Congressional
    (choose "Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws" from left column --> check "Statutes at Large" on Keyword screen) and in  (2) American Memory (1778-1875)

1950 - 1984

United States Treaties and Other International Agreements. (UST)

1982 - ten years ago

Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) via Hein

1996 - latest available

Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) via US State Dept.

1981 - date

(Treaties only)
in the Serial Set via Proquest Congressional
Choose Advanced Search --> Check off "House & Senate Documents" --> enter "treaty doc" in first search box

1987 - most current available

KAV Agreements


  • Consolidated Treaties & International Agreements. Current Document Service, United States. (CITA) [Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.]: Oceana Publications, Inc., 1990 - . Olin Ref JX236 1990 U58+
    "...includes, on a semiannual basis, newly concluded international agreements and formal treaties which have been signed and are pending ratification." [Foreward] Uses DOS numbering and its own CITA system. Indices provide access by numerical sequence, by country, by topic, and by other characteristics (e.g., references to older treaties). May not always be comprehensive.

  • KAV Agreements
    "Igor I. Kavass has spent much of his career identifying and obtaining treaties and agreements entered into by the United States since 1950 that have not yet been published in UST or TIAS, and assigning them a unique "KAV" number to aid in their identification. HeinOnline includes the actual texts of these KAV Agreements (in effect, becoming the first source for locating the text of unpublished U.S. treaties and other international agreements in one location), along with indexing provided by Kavass, to make HeinOnline the most complete collection of published and unpublished treaties and agreements in an image-based, fully searchable format. Most of the KAV treaties and agreements will eventually be published by the State Department in the Treaties and Other International Acts Series, but until they are, HeinOnline is your best resource for locating these important documents." (Hein web site)

  • Senate Executive Documents and Reports [microform]. [Washington, D.C.?]: CIS, [1987?] 1153 microfiches. Olin Microfiche 879 (Lower Level)
    Indexed by CIS Index to the US Senate Executive Documents & Reports, Olin Ref Z1223 A155 (see above). Most documents in this collection are concerned with Senate consideration of treaties with foreign governments and with American Indian nations. Covers 1818 through 1969.

  • Treaties and Agreements Library.
    From Hein online. "Contains more than 18,000 records of treaties and agreements to which the United States has been a party....In addition to including the actual page-images of all published and in-force treaties and agreements to which the United States has been a party, HeinOnline includes the actual page-images of thousands of unpublished treaties and agreements that have been identified through the records of the United States National Archives and Records Administration, United States Senate Treaty Documents, the Freedom of Information Act, and several other official U.S. government sources. Finally, treaties and agreements that are no longer in-force are also available..." [site] See site for complete contents.

  • Treaties and Other International Acts Series. (TIAS) [Washington, D.C.?]: Dept. of State: U.S. G.P.O.Olin Ref JX231 A341
    Unbound, individual pamphlets (slip form) as originally issued. Olin Ref holdings begin where the latest bound volume of United States Treaties and Other International Agreements [see below] leaves off (TIAS number 11060, dated 1982). Treaties received in 2006 so far are 10 years behind. Online coverage from the State Dept. extends back to 1996.

  • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements. (UST) Washington, D.C.: Dept. of State :U.S. G.P.O., Vol. 1 (1950)- . Olin Library JX231 A34 +; last volume in Ref
    Hardbound set that chronologically collects all the individual TIAS (Treaties and Other International Acts Series) pamphlets. Arranged by TIAS number. Like TIAS, it runs many years behind. Vols.1-34 cover 1950-1981/1982; vol.35:pt.1-6 covers 1982/1983-1983/1984. Available online, 1950 - 1984, from Hein.

  • Unperfected Treaties of the United States of America, 1776-1976, edited and annotated by Christian L. Wiktor. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. : Oceana Publications, 1976-1994. 9 vols. Law Library KZ236 1976
    Annotated set containing text of treaties that did not receive Senate approval or were not ratified by the President. Contents: v. 1. 1776-1855 -- v. 2. 1856-1882 -- v. 3. 1883-1904 -- v. 4. 1905-1918 -- v. 5. 1919 -- v. 6. 1919-1925 -- v. 7. 1926-1945 -- v. 8. 1946-1964 -- v. 9. 1965-1976. Indexed.